Our mission


Any polish senior citizens live from a pension of less than PLN 800 / 190 EUR per month. At the same time, in the Polish healthcare system, many medicines for chronic diseases require co-payment of 30% or more of the cost of the medicine. As a result, an elderly patient with typical chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, Alzheimers needs to pay hundreds of zloty per month for medicines. Many patients simply cannot afford this, therefore do not get the medicines they need, suffer unnecessarily from treatable diseases, and even die before their time should have come. Often, it takes less than a hundred zloty per patient per month to save a life.

The role of FWZS is to support older people who are struggling not only with chronic diseases, but also with difficult financial situation that limits access to the necessary pharmacotherapy. Therefore, the mission of FWZS is to provide treatment to the most needy patients – seniors, while ensuring dignified aging by improving quality and quality of life.

The share of older people in Polish society is systematically growing. In 2020, people over 60 years of age will constitute nearly 25% of the population of the Polish society, and the population forecast for 2008-2035, the Central Statistical Office, indicates that the coming years will be characterized by population growth in the oldest age groups.[1] At the same time of course, these older age groups usually suffer from the chronic diseases of old age, leading to multi-disability among seniors, who are often at risk of poverty, which remains the most important factor in life expectancy and healthy life.

[1] https://www.mpips.gov.pl/seniorzyaktywne-starzenie/zalozenia-dlugofalowej-polityki-senioralnej-w-polsce-na-lata-20142020/