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02.10.2019 – Charity auction!

Last Friday we took part in the significant event. Thanks to courtesy of Ms. Jowita and Mr. Mark Kubaczka there was held an amazing charity auction. All the profits went toward FWZS Foundation. At the moment the sum is 4325 PLN. It means that we will be able to support 2 more Patients for a whole year, since every of them receives meds worth around 200 PLN monthly.Thank you once again ArtchitectureEU for making it possible and organizing the whole event. We are also tremendously grateful to all Artists and Donors, who generously supported the idea of FWZS. You need to know how much it means for us and our Patients.

11.09.2019 – After holiday

We are coming back after summer time. It was more peaceful lately, but as soon as Autumn has started we have much more visitors. We are aware that summer temperatures are very uncomfortable for elderly people and we understand that it was much more difficult to commute to us. But just with the beginning of September we have welcomed two new Patients, reaching the number of 67 people who are receiving our support!
Throughout summer we also were able to collect funds during the Rajd Klasyczny event. The money will be spent on meds. We will share with you more details soon. 

18.06.2019 – Charity car rally

We have a good news – an event is taking place this summer – an amazing classic cars rally. And we are going to receive financial support – money collected from entry fees and participants who want to help our Patients.
We are very happy to be a part of it and we encourage every fan of classic cars to visit the rally website where you can find out more about the event:


29.05.2019 – An interview with Michael Kenny about huge donation we’ve received from St. Patrick’s Foundation. It was a great day for us!

1. Could you please shortly introduce yourself, what is your role in St. Patrick’s Foundation?

My name is Michael Kenny, Irish, married to Iwona, 2 children; Mieszko 18 and Alicja 16. I came to Poland in 1994 seeking adventure. I left 3 years later with great memories and Iwona, my wife. We returned o Poland in 2003 with our newly born children and set up home on the north side of Warsaw. In 2008 the founders of the St Patrick’s Foundation asked me to join their Irish Ball committee and assist in the production and presentation of their annual fundraising event. The task was to broaden the appeal of the ball, increase guest numbers and see if we could get 50% of the guests to stay past midnight! 11 years later we have regularly up to 500 guests and 300 of them partying till 3am. As well as being part of the team that organises the ball, the committee meets regularly to agree on various charity sponsorships. This includes visiting projects and foundations and sometimes saying no.

2. How old is St. Patrick’s Foundation, what is the idea of this foundation and how it was born?

The actual Irish Ball will be 23 years old in 2020 but the St Patrick’s Foundation officially incorporated as a charity foundation about 14 years ago. Charity balls are very popular in Ireland and the founding members wanted to replicate this idea in Warsaw amongst the substantial Warsaw ex-pat community including the St Patrick’s Day crazy Americans! As the ball became more and more popular it became necessary to incorporate officially. One of our sponsors offered us free auditing and accounting services and this gave us comfort that our affairs were correct and within the rules of the Polski Kodex.

3. How long have you been helping in Poland and whom have you helped so far? What kind of help was it?

There is a very long list of projects that we have supported over the years, I will mention a few that I have particularly enjoyed.

Battered Women’s Home, Wilcza – here we sponsored the renovation of main interview area of this service centre. Women, who are subject to violence, can come to Wilcza to get legal advice and temporary accommodation. The problem was that often the distressed women would arrive, start receiving counselling and support only for their violent partners to arrive and create substantial emotional and physical disturbances due to the lack of privacy. During the renovation, we built 4-5 interview rooms and created partitions such that the general space felt much safer for the ladies.

Sue Ryder Foundation Hospice, Bydgoszcz – here we sponsored the purchase of 13 mobile ventilators to be used by terminally ill patients wanting to die at home. It was simply very moving. The equipment was very expensive but knowing that it allowed people the dignity of dying at home felt very positive.

Guide Dog – we sponsored the purchase and 2 year training program for a guide dog for the blind.

TPG, Sibling Education of the Deaf/Blind – we sponsored TPG with their annual 2-3 week program where they educate the siblings of those living with deaf/blind. I thought this was a marvellous thoughtful sponsorship.

Psychiatric Home for Ladies in Pacanow – we bought an industrial washing machine for this home. Sounds simple but here, ladies from 18-90, afflicted with various psychiatric issues, spend their whole lives. Of course, we could have bought a VW Transport or sponsored new windows but they needed an industrial washing machine and that’s what they got.

4. You have supported FWZS this year, but it was an exception from the rule, wasn’t it?

In truth we never give financial donations to foundations – it’s our rule; no individuals and no cash donations. Our typical project is the sponsorship of capital goods or services for which we can receive an invoice. In the case of FWZS, it was different. On one hand, the idea that a foundation might pay the monthly medical bills of a senior citizen sounded really wonderful. On the other hand it sounded like a lot of paperwork for both our foundation and FWZS. We consulted our accounting services provider and a contract to donate cash was drawn up. Of course the fact that behind FWZS are 2 very kind, classic car enthusiasts provided great focus for the petrol-heads on our committee! We are very happy with the sponsorship.

18.05.2019 – Anniversary!

It has been a year since our first post on the fwzs website. We are happy that we could have been with you this whole time. During those months, our Foundation have made a step forward – we have established some promising cooperations and made friends with Foundations, who care about older people just like we do. We created materials, like leaflets and posters, so more people could find out about our actions.
But what is most important – thanks to you there has been many small and big miracles. Only with your help, we could have signed up 22 more patients.Thanks to you we could have experienced many beautiful moments – friendly shakehands, looks of relief, grateful smiles. And also the sad ones – like stories of our patients’ lives. As a Foundation we could offer them meds – something so essential, that it doesn’t seem like much. However we know from our patients that it means the world to them.
Once again, we are grateful for yesterday and we will be very happy if thanks to you we can provide help every next tomorrow.

23.04.2019 – April filled with hope

We are so happy to announce that this month gave us the opportunity to help 12 more patients!
We provided them with medicines they needed, so they could have a peaceful Easter time.
Dear Friends and Donors THANK YOU! Without your help it would not be possible.

04.04.2019 – Common goal – helping others

The cooperation with Prometeusz Foundation that we have lately started is starting to produce amazing effects. Thanks to our joint work we are reaching more and more elderly people, so we can fund their medicines. We are enormously happy to see how many new patients we have, but we are not slowing down. We know that there are still many people in a difficult situation, who need our help.


25.03.2019 – Irish Ball

Last weekend our Foundation took part in the St. Patrick’s Charity Ball organized by
St. Patrick’s foundation (The FISP). It is an organization, which provides support for many different registered Polish charities. The raised money is used to buy specialized equipment, fund trainings, projects, and many other needs. The main attraction of the Ball is a contest, where voting for the winning foundation takes place. The prize is 50 000 zł. However we didn’t manage to win, there is still a lot to celebrate! Every such event is a helping hand for someone out there, who urgently needs our support. Every foundation or institution which took part in the Ball represented values of great significance!
We’re also very happy that we had an opportunity to show our short movie, in which creation we put our heart, and we are really proud of. Also we hope that more people found out about our foundation, our mission and maybe realized how important it is to remember about older people. 

18.05.2018 – Achievement!

We did it! Thanks to generous support of our donors, FWZS raised enough money to help first 66 seniors! Medicines, which were provided for these patients, are priceless, live changing gift. It helped in everyday struggle with disease such as hypertension, diabetes, hypofunction of the blood system, treatment of the nervous system.
While we are waiting for our own legal entity, we are able to help elderly people through wonderful foundation Prometeusz for the seniors.
Our goal is to help as many elderly people as we can. We will keep working tirelessly so that we can continue supporting not only these 66 patient, but also many others.
Every kind gift is creating miracle. We, and those we help, sincerely appreciate your generosity.